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Cambridge Courses    55 minutes per lesson, 1 – 2 lessons per week

The Cambridge YLE programme is designed to improve the English language skills of children. Children will find the course interesting and fun as the course was widely recognized in many countries.   It is suitable for children from K1 – P5. The Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) exams are available at three assessment levels

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Why are Writing Skills So Important?


Writing is the most important skill set to develop for primary school students. This skill is useful not only in primary school but also secondary schools, universities, and most importantly, their future career. Based on our experience, a child will do far better in school compared to their peers if his/her writing skill is well-trained at an early stage. Teachers will generally have better comments and impressions of the child.

A recent report by management consultancy firm, McKinsey, called Jobs lost, jobs gained: Workforce transitions in a time of automation stated that there will be challenging transitions ahead at work. And that in about 60% of jobs, at least one-third of activities could be automated.

However, as Bernard Marr writes: there are key skills that robots simply cannot master. These include empathy, critical thinking, creativity, strategy, imagination, and vision. To stay ahead of the game, your children’s writing needs to demonstrate these qualities. 

Through our self-developed writing curriculum, we use PowerPoint, Group Discussions, and Mind Maps to encourage students to develop their own ideas on different topics step-by-step. Through these writing exercises, the student will develop creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, imagination, and vision. These skills will prepare them for excelling in higher education and future career.

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A child processing good writing skills will learn better at school, develop better communication skills, and improve self-confidence.
In each integrated creative writing lesson, we will go through grammar with students and then the taught grammar concepts will be used and applied in their creative writing.

Integrated Writing Programme    1.5 Hour per lesson, 1 lesson per week

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Our student’s work

Insect Pie


Age: 8

The Magic Portal

Angie Wong 

Age: 7

Magazine Project

Ben The Time Traveller

Hannah Kwok 

Age: 10

Magazine Project

Sam Saves the World

Hannah Kwok 

Age: 10


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