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Sam Saves the World (Magazine Project)


Hannah Kwok 

Age: 10


One day, I was taking Siki out for a run int eh amazing park.  Suddenly, Siki told me quietly to fight a big monster in her planet.  I was so shocked and I thought I was dreaming because I didn’t know that Siki came from another planet, but I agreed to do it.


Then Siki took out her UFO in my bedroom’s wall.  We also brought some foods, such as water and bread and we lastly went on the UFO.  It took us a week to get there, in the UFO we chatted and had lots of fun.  When we got there, we ate a yummy dinner with Siki’s family.  Just then, we heard a monster roar, we looked out and saw a monster was trying to eat another dog.


I was standing at the spot while Siki was busy preparing some supplies to fight the scary monster.  Siki had some amazing supplies, such as a sward, bow ad much more.


Sam went out barely and found out that he could fly because he was on another planet.  He punched the monster’s head, the monster hit back but Sam flew far away.  The monster pulled a small house and threw it to Sam, but Sam dodged it.

After that, Sam used the super bow to shoot the monster in the air.  After five shots of the super bow, the monster died and feel out of space heavily.

Siki and her friends never saw the evil monster ever again.

After Sam fought the monster, he had to go back to earth because he missed his family and friends.  However, Siki wanted to stay in Bark planet.  They were so upset, but Sam promised that he will come back and visit them twice a year.  Therefore, Sam took the UFO back to earth and live happily ever after.

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