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Ben The Time Traveller (Magazine Project)


Hannah Kwok 

Age: 10


One day, a cool thing happened to me. I met a wizard that gave me a time machine to travel back in the old days AKA 2021. I was just walking in the park, then he came up to me and said that I was the chosen one.  I rode on the time machine and landed in my parents’ old house in Causeway Bay.  Also, I found out that the street is so messy and dirty.  It was so much dirtier than the ones in the future.


I travelled back because there will be an earthquake a week after landed.  All my family besides my parents died from it, so I wanted to stop it.  I went to the police station and I told the best police officer about the bad guy, Seth Fire who will cause the huge earthquake, which will cause 70% of Hong Kong people to die.  The polices knew about Seth, but didn’t know where he was, so they believed me.  I told the polices where Seth was.  He was in a secret underground base under IFC.  I told the polices to catch Seth tomorrow at 10am with me.

The next day, we walked together to the base.  Not so long after, we found Seth.  The police removed Seth’s face mask and I was shocked, because he was my grandpa. However, there were purple sparkles all over his body, which was very weird.  Therefore, I thought that my grandpa was under a spell.  Luckily, a police was a wizard and he helped Seth to remove the spell.  After Seth returned, he had some memories about a witch that put the spell on him, and where the w\itch lived. 


After listening to Seth, the police and I went to the place where the witch lived.  She lived in a huge castle.  We went up the stairs to the castle and saw the witch.  She was so powerful and evil, that we couldn’t fight her.  The police wizard looked for the best trap for the witch in his spell book.  The plan worked perfectly, I took away her evil wand and put it on fire.  Therefore, everything was fine and normal and of course, the earthquake was stopped. 

Suddenly, an alarm chimed.  I opened my eyes and found out that I was in my bed.  I went out to the living room and I saw all my family were alive,, also they were chatting happily.  In that second, I know that it was just a bad dream from the start.  I was over the moon.

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