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Playgroup (2 years to 2.5 years)     55 minutes per lesson, 2 – 3 lessons per week

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We use songs, sensational stimulations, creative activities to engage toddlers and promote 4Q during our playgroup sessions. 



UNIMINDS Phonics    55 minutes per lesson, 2 – 3 lessons per week

Our phonics class is designed for learners from 2 years old to 8 years old.  With 7 levels, children learn from single sounds to simple CVC blending, Short Vowels, Magic E to Long Vowels, Digraphs, Suffixes, soft and hard sound, Multi-syllables to vocabulary building.   For the very young minds (3 and 4 year olds), instead of books, we use games, Lego, playdough and songs to introduce different alphabets and sounds. Native English teachers will conduct frequent assessments and recommend upgrade when appropriate.  There is no need for parents to worry about the progress of their children.

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Cambridge Courses    55 minutes per lesson, 1 – 2 lessons per week

The Cambridge YLE programme is designed to improve the English language skills of children. Children will find the course interesting and fun as the course was widely recognized in many countries.   It is suitable for children from K1 – P5. The Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) exams are available at three assessment levels (Starters, Movers and Flyers)



All Rounders    90-120 minutes per lesson, 3 lessons per week

Designed for K1 to K3 children, all rounders will combine phonics, reading and writing into 1 course.  Teachers will teach students on all areas which will help them to blend, read and write simple sentences.

Contact us


T  5114 2131



T  5766 6013 (WhatsApp)


A  Shop No. 3-5, 2/F, Aberdeen Centre Shopping Arcade Site 2, 

7-11 Nam Ning Street, The Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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