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What is the best Solution to Climate Change

(Magazine Project)


Hannah Kwok 

Age: 10


A lot of people think we can’t fix climate change.  A friend of mine said that you can fix climate change, but the matter is do people want to fix it.  The prepose of this piece of writing is to show the best solution to climate change is clean energy. 


The first reason clean energy is the best reason to climate change is solar power.  When you use solar power, it won’t run out, not like oil.  This will mean that it will be limitless.  Also, solar power doesn’t release green house gas.  Just think about it, if everyone use solar power, then the air will be more fresh and clean. 


Another reason why clean energy is the best solution to climate change is wind turbines.   Wind energy provides more than 10% of total electricity generation in 14 states in the USA.  How could you possibly not use it?  Wind turbines use wind to make electricity that does not cause pollution. Of course, they may be expensive, but it was worth it to build it.


Lastly, clean energy is the best solution is because of dams.  A dam is a barrier that stops or restricts the flow of water, another thing it can also give electrical powers.  Dams also can be used for fishing, boating and other leisure activities.

To conclude, climate change can actually be fixed, the best ways to fix it are solar power, wind turbines and dams.  It is time for you to do something.  Let’s use clean energy and save the world, it is good for you and the planet.

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