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Insect Pie



Age: 8


This is my product Insect Pie that tastes like apples and oranges. It comes in a green box. You can find it in the supermarket in Aberdeen, HK. 


The main feature of my product is that it makes you fat. Before you had to eat lots of food to become fat. It is an amazing product that makes me feel great. 


I wanted to make Insect Pie because I had a brain moment. I have got a lot of support from my mum because she gave me money to make the product. 


In ten years time, I can see Insect Pie making me a lot of money. I hope Insect Pie will be sold in every country so I can buy it in Japan. 

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Contact us


T  5114 2131



T  5766 6013 (WhatsApp)


A  Shop No. 3-5, 2/F, Aberdeen Centre Shopping Arcade Site 2, 

7-11 Nam Ning Street, The Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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